Not sure what to do anymore…



It has been a good 7 years, and even though its’ been off and on we’ve done good together. But now I don’t know what to do anymore. We broke up 5 months ago and I started getting on with my life because you were gone, I like being able to what I want and being able to just worry about myself and not have to worry if I’m messing someone else up in the process. I want to focus on my career and the fact that I’m about to move into a house now! I want to grow up without having regrets on things I should of done but couldn’t because I always made it a we instead of a me. I am only 24 years old I have a long life ahead of me, I wish you would understand and I also wish you would stop making me feel guilty for the decisions I have made so far. This is my life and I love it! I have an amazing family and amazing friends! I don’t want to lose you all the way but I know you said that if you can’t just be my friend, which really sucks but I do not know what else to do. I’m not taking you out of my life completely I just need some time to myself. I’m sorry for doing this to you and I’ve told you that, sorry. But please don’t be mad, you’ve done worse to me, like Junior year of college when we broke up and you told me you didn’t love me anymore, right then and there I should of just let us go but I couldn’t, well now I’m giving us both a shot at something new. Let’s take it and see where it leads us! I love you and always will, you were my first love…and maybe one day you will be my last love!

Love love love,

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