JUN 1 2010 Bitch Bootcamp: Week SEVEN


Listen, women.

We are BITCHES. What does that mean to me? I am:

Beautiful. Ballsy. Badass.
Intelligent. Intense. Interesting.
Talented. Tenacious. Thoughtful.
Competent. Courageous. Competitive.
Hell-on-wheels. Happy. Hopeful.
Enlightened. Entertaining. Emotional.
Strong. Smiley. Sensual.

What does it mean to you? This alone doesn’t define you, doesn’t put you in a box… but this does give insight into all that is YOU. Your assignment this week is to comment back with your own definition of you as one of the BITCHES. Leave your name, or don’t – either is just fine. Will you carve out a little time for you to think about it and express yourself?


PS. What a great week to remember to thank the servicemen and WOMEN who are ready to defend your freedom day in and day out – remember, they KICK ASS so we don’t have to! This isn’t politics, it’s people!

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