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A movie date months in the making with my girl Jaqs up at the Alamo Drafthouse in Sloans Lake. I’m happy to see her looking good and reporting on her successes and hobbies.

Strange, I think I turn my phone off but as the picture begins my phone starts ringing , a number labeled Salt Lake CY UT. A phone also rings on the screen as a man yells for his brother to pick up the phone at a party as we’re introduced to the horror ahead of us.
We enjoy it, and emerge from the theater to rain and thunder with the occasional flash of lightning. I take a moment to tell her about the previous day at the fair, as visually it bared some interesting similarities with the spirits manifesting in the physical body in the movie, although in my instance the persons experience on the other side of the veil after the eyes rolling back was an experience of peace.
We part ways bidding each other safe travels in the rain and making loose plans for future movie dates not so far between.
The rain and lightning makes the drive home moody, and in perfect alignment with the film we just enjoyed. I’m into it.

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