Romance weekend

At the Colorado Renaissance Faire and we’ve met up with my husband’s friend Chez and my girl Jen with her fiance. I had warned my friends in advance that my husband had gobbled down a few psilocybin after entry for this particular adults only experience, he however failed to let his buddy know what had happened so what happened next was maybe more frightening than it needed to be. The husband was fine for a round of throwing axes, shortly after a restroom pit stop is when it hit hard.

After going through the ships hulk shop with my friends, I caught up to my husband and his bud at the pirates pub stage. He’d said he wasn’t feeling so great and laid his head on the table, very suddenly he flies backward, landing with a thud on the ground. Some kindly fair folk over at the bar help with with the body until he comes too. His eyes are rolled back in his head and a deep snoring sound emerges from his throat . Someone calls for the medic team and the maiden singing onstage champion onward.

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