My lady friend next door let’s me borrow her car for an outing to the green store and Cat food pickup.
Good News first, a lovely older woman at checkout named Jackie compliments a tattoo of a butterfly I had given myself the day before above my knee and tells me it looks quite professional. She takes a moment to tell me about her own children’s love of the tattooed arts, and I thank her for her encouragement. I receive similar positive inquiry at the next store.

The bad news, I locked myself out of the house again. I drop off my neighbors keys and a joint with a soda I had picked up for her before I message my husband. Thankfully he’d just got on lunch and obliged to make the trip back home to help me out. He says he was initially mad but thought about his own recent transgressions and knew his was worse overall. I tell him it’s evensies for me as he saves my ass once again. I know he’s been feeling guilty about the car accident and the guilt toward the kid along with the fiscal burden that reduces the probability of us going to Mexico in the spring significantly.
Silver lining, his consultation with the lawyer confirms that we don’t need to look into hiring an attorney until after the court date .He returns to work and I play catch up for awhile.

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