Not many people will understand

The reasons I chose to discontinue relationships with two father figures. My step dad who raised me and whole anger issues and over sexualized demeanor not only endangered me but his own son , and my real father who walked out when I was 5 to be with another partner and raise a daughter not his own but neglect his blood daughter out of bitterness towards my mom. I tried to get to know him later on in life and hoped to redeem some measure of the relationship but was again heartbroken when he again chose his and repeated the same measures of minimal contact and snubs until I just let it go. The trouble was I didn’t want to work for him for less than minimum wage and no way to improve my living conditions. When his wife’s stepson moved here from Romania and showed a passion towards car work, he not only lost all interest in me but made it his mission to let me know how disappointed in me he was for trying to make a life of my own. How warped. Then contact became less and further in-between until it was nothing at all.

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