Father’s Day

This year I spent it at the Renaissance Fair with my husband and kid. Normally we go for our anniversary, but the dates worked out with our schedules this year to go a little earlier.

It was a great time. There was a costume contest with a considerable number of impressive hand made costumes ranging from captain hook and more traditional fair attire to the more fantastical beasts of folklore and games.
We also ran into a number of friends and enjoyed some of our regular musical visitors at our haunts by the pirates pub and globe stage.

During one of the restroom stops a young fairy comes up to me and asks me if she can trust me. She leaves her basket of flowers with me so she can take a break to use the restroom herself and I feel a measure of pride that strangers feel they can trust me with their livelihoods.

The father of the day, my husband, is thoroughly satisfied by the day and we make plans to have an adults only trip a little later on after my mom takes our kid on her camping adventures in a few weeks.

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