Trust is not a prerequisite of love

Much like how a parent may not necessarily trust their kid but still have a deep well of love that can not be easily emptied.

Or have you ever had a naughty pet? Do you reconsider your affections stillstanding when that pet makes destructive mischief?

No I don’t think that trust is a prerequisite of love , although it can be a space for decision making during independent review. If I ever had a teenage son ( unlikely as my partner is getting snipped) and I found out that him and his buddies were screaming obscenities at parents walking to get their kids from school like the little shit that shrieked “fuck you bitch!” at me last Thursday as he sped by in the safety of his vehicle, well I’d probably get creative with punishments. That’s one of those bad personality types that if you can’t break them of it as it presents itself its ugliness head on, it festers , it can destroy lives. How might you choose confront that sort of anger or resentment as it presents itself in someone you love and value? Would you wash your hands of obligation? Could there have been an alternative to the worst possible outcome.

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