My husband is back to work after a few days recovery from his vasectomy. Unfortunately for me and the kid that means the car is also with him , so we’re walking to school. She was supposed to have a ninja warrior obstacle course today to replace field day but they bumped it to next week on account of the weather, which is actually better for us because her father gets to attend then too.

At first it’s just cloudy with a drizzle, but not even halfway there and it turns into a torrential downpour. It’s not completely unpleasant but I worry for my kids health in the aftermath.

Our luck looks up though when one of the moms I see at dropoff/pickup every day stops and asks us if we need a ride. I accept her offer and it gives us a few moments for pleasant introductions and whatnot. I appreciate her kindness, and truth be told it’s a much preferred type of interaction than to the over parent fights or degradations shouted at me by teen boys, maybe this could be a catalyst to other good things. Even if not though, I feel like this at least helps tip the scales back into balance.

I walk home in the rain, a sopping mess when I get home but overall happier and work on some of the american traditional drafts I’ve been trying my hand at. I have a mountain of other projects I need to complete but it’s still movement in a productive direction.

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