I saw one of my favorite people on Monday to get a selection of one of his pre drawn designs tattooed on my leg. It’s a detail oriented Barn Swallow with some golden framework that I thought would fit in nicely with the rest of the nature pieces.

I’m able to show him the first two tattoos I performed myself and while the little gem pattern on my middle finger will certainly need a little working over, that was expected on my end. The one I did on my husband definitely healed better and my artists has a few kind words and suggestions for me as we move along. I watch what I can as he gets to work on my right leg trying to absorb the timing of the strokes, pressure.

Conversationally we shuffle through various topics and catch up that I’ve been excited to hear about. I arrive at the shop around 3 in the afternoon but don’t exit again until the sun has set and its well passed 8 in the evening with a gorgeous new forever painting taking up a good half of the leg landscaping.
The days following I’m pretty foggy mentally and more than a little tender. Now here we are on Friday and the pains subsided but I’m now really , super itchy and lotion only does so much to put out the fire.

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