My husband wasn’t as concerned about the Russian Jehovas tracking him down as much as the scratching and banging around at the door after he left for work in the pitch black of the a.m. we resolve to install some cameras around the home soon. The following night while the husband’s at the gym, someone knocks at the door three times, my daughter hears it, I hear it, the cats all gather, but when I answer the door there’s no one present in the vicinity.

The next week is followed by the rush of my kids birthday, her grandparents visiting for a trip to Meow Wolf with her and then a party for her friends to come join us for pizza.
We had a full house of happy kids playing and honestly it went a lot better than expected. Not a tear was shed .
However the next day I get a message from my girlfriend that one of the little boys, our little buddy Arlo who’s five had a seizure at 2 am the night of the party. It’s hard information to take in. I ask his mom to let me know what the doctors find out about the cause. At the party he was running happily and made best friends with out neighbors boy, he’s survived Chuck e cheese without so much as getting sick. We hope whatever it is can be resolved with minimal conflict.

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