One Day…

Dear T
One day, you are going to have to turn around and look all of the problems you’ve been running from your whole life right in the eyes and truth be told, I hope they run you over like a stampede. I hope it overwhelms you to the point of anxiety that lasts for years. Understand and know this T, you might have lied your way out of having to own your actions but I know the truth and I see now, the kind of person you really are and people like you should be forced to permanently wear huge signs that warns others of the type you are. Thats okay though. Each one of us will have our day of judgement and we will have to answer for all of the shitty things we have done in our lives. You? Are no exception. Im not too worried about that though. However, if I were you, I would get up off of my knees for the reason your on them and I would get back down on my knees and start praying for forgiveness for the piece of shit you are.

One thought on “One Day…”

  1. Let me guess? A****? the pos In question?TR? Lol I posted my own goodbye in October, last time I seen him. He tried again weeks ago. Blocked that shitbag. Chew your leg off like a wolf in a trap but get free of that. 😁 best wishes.

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