Let’s just be completely honest……

I think the time has come to go our separate ways. Fully, this time. If you can’t be bothered with it, then neither should I. I’m sure you’re just stringing me along. Whatever you’re getting out of this, must be hilarious to you. Well good for you, but it’s not really doing anything for me. What’s the point of keeping my phone number if you can’t be bothered then? You’re ex girlfriend was telling me a few days ago that she actually thinks that you’re not worth the trouble. I actually believe her though. You’re only putting in half-hearted effort. Glad I didn’t hold on to that ring after all. It doesn’t matter if I remember you years down the line, it won’t stop me from being with another lad. It’s the truth. Memories are just that. Memories. It’s not as if I would die without you. I just think it’s a shame, but never mind, life goes on, and I always move forward.

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