“Michael Alexander” broke my heart and it can’t be fixed

I had a happy, fulfilling life up until the evening of January 5, 2022, when Michael Alexander failed to show up for his own live stream concert that I paid $24 to watch. Michael promised me an unforgettable concert experience where I would feel the same vibes of 70s and 80s classic rock like Journey and Boston, where I would feel like I was at an intimate “Karen Carpenters” show and then immediately be transported to a 100k arena Big League rock concert. You see, particle kinematics governs Michael’s existence, and the voices of those greats from the 70s and 80s (like George Michael, Michael Jackson, and one of the elves from the Lord of the Rings movies) lived on through Michael and Michael alone. His failure to appear has robbed me of the most joyous experience of my life, and I fear I cannot continue living with the disappointment and disillusionment I now feel. I tried watching videos of the original artists performing in their prime, but it just wasn’t the same. Michael promised me something as good or better than they did it themselves. He also explicitly stated that it was not a scam and that he would never do anything that was a scam because he would lose his fan base, his beloved audience. But now I’m not so sure. How could he abandon me like that, without even so much as a word of explanation or an offer to refund my $24? I was his biggest fan. Now the world seems cold and empty, and it’s all because this has-been was a no-show at his own friggan streaming concert that I paid almost $25 for.

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