I still dream about you… and Afghanistan

I still dream about you… and also of Afghanistan
I dreamt that we were hunkered down, hiding from the Taliban

I watched a documentary about the War on Terror
Then I read some of your old texts… that was my error

My mind must have made some sort of strange connection
Between the love we never had, and Hamid Karzai’s election

I was afraid they were going to drag you out into the street and shoot you just for being a woman, and they would shoot me for being your friend. We were hiding in the kitchen. One of the Taliban got inside and was barking questions at you with a machine gun pointed at your face and you were brave. In my dream you were so brave, you stood up for yourself and talked back to them. Dared them to shoot you.

I was so scared because I thought they would kill you for sure, and I was also proud of how brave you were, and ashamed of how cowardly I was. I was crouching in the corner hoping they wouldn’t see me. You weren’t hiding at all.

I woke up then, and had a bowl of cereal, breakfast cereal is good.

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