Dear in laws

Dear in laws

Like a lot of families you can be fun & positive & I can enjoy your company, but you have your emotionally abusive aspects too. This makes things difficult to navigate, for me, as I was brought up by an abusive mother, so I’m not great at standing up for myself or setting boundaries, but I am learning & trying & WILL get there.

Sister in law. Being tired is not a competition. Saying “yeah but you haven’t been working 20 hours a day and getting 4 hours sleep” doesn’t make me feel sorry for you or make me think “oh gosh maybe I should give you some special dispensation because your such a good person & work so hard”. I have actually been working about 20 hours a day because I had my day job & then we were moving into the house that you & your partner have provided for us (for you to control us from, no doubt) so……suck it. Maybe you shouldn’t do your extremely demanding xmas job? It’s a bit much to ask someone to work 20 hours a day, is it not? When I imagine myself saying that to someone, like you said it to me, I feel rude, and more than a little bit holier than though, I must say.

Brother in law. You’re very funny & likable but also very controlling. This makes you difficult to navigate.

Mother in law. Oh gosh you are quite depressed and anxious. And you don’t do anything to help yourself. You’ll insist on providing dinner but hurt your back by doing tgis & then bitch & moan about that the whoke time.

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