Dear crazies

Dear crazy friends,
Neurodiverse, sorry, neurodiverse.
I attract you.
Not that I’m—well, I’m quite functional, but volatile.
And I’ve been fired several times myself. Because my sides got sore and peeled trying to fit my square self into a round hole. Edges, I have edges.
Maybe because of all the rabbit holes I’ve gone down, and tree limbs I’ve sawed off while standing on them, I can manage, understand, the crazies.
Manage. Only manage. I can’t fix you, I can’t be there every time you want me. Al-Anon, where too many people live co-dependent lives, taught me that.
It didn’t teach me to manage my own crazy, the way I hate owning on too many things with too many memories, how I hate my too little success.
Pry my hands off all these betrayals. Living well is the best revenge.
Yours in madness,

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