To the person who’s not mine anymore

Dear Anas,
I had my science exam today, and the exam paper was quite lengthy. I thought I had time to fill the answers in the sheet but turns out I was wrong, I solved the questions but I couldn’t fill the sheet completely I panicked. Got an anxiety attack, at that moment I couldn’t breathe, I thought maybe this will be the last attack I go through I would not survive this one. Unfortunately, I did. I knew that I would not score well in this exam and I tried to explain it to my parents and to be honest, I thought they’d understand. They didn’t as usual. I don’t know why I expected otherwise. And at that moment, I wanted you. I just wanted to hold your hand and just listen to your heart, beat calmly unlike me.
I wanted you so bad, I needed you and now I realise that with all the panic attacks and anxiety attacks that are yet to come I wouldn’t have you by my side, the only person in this world I ever trusted enough to open up to. I cried for hours because I am doomed without you. I miss you terribly. Please hold me. Please.
I cannot do this without you. I need you.
Yours forever
The person you once promised to love forever.

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