December 5, 2021

My neighbor throws a holiday party for the kids. It’s some holly jolly wholesome with paper craft snowglobe projects and food. There’s a few people I don’t know but everyone’s nice and we make the best of the small space. The party culminates with a silly string Fiesta outside right before the temperature takes a deep dip.

Later in the evening it’s my turn to party. The husband watches the kid after my lady friend picks me up for our first excursion to Mission ballroom, one of the newest venues in town and it is quite impressive. We’re greeted with a heated parking garage and speedy entrance service, even with the vaccine card check and metal detectors. I get us some drinks and we find a prime balcony spot for stage viewing.
The first band was a good buildup in this nicely size music hall with plenty of tiered seating and a massive disco ball hanging from the ceiling. This was the last show of the tour and no corners were cut to bring the sound. Zeal & Ardor were very thematic with their song selection.

Then bathroom breaks. What joy! The bathrooms are large enough that there’s not a single time in the evening that I have to wait in line for the facilities.

My boys in Mastodon are up then and they bring the visual stunners. I haven’t seen a light show like that since tool and the acid art on their massive screens is an experience that is unique. What I love about shows like this is that I’ve been with the band so long that the set lists feel like a conversation with old friends giving you advice and comfort. While massive krakens and dancing demons peer out through the screens.

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