Last night I opened up the windows to give the air conditioning a break and my ears were met with a horrible bleating sound, like a man vomiting or having a mental episode. The sound goes on, 30 minutes plus until I close the window, bit not before recording the sound because I can’t see anything out there and am unwilling to go outside and see if potential violence awaits me.

My husband leaves for work in the early hours of the morning. He later text messages me saying he saw goat man was across the street this morning twitching like crazy carrying on his his mangled noises.

2 thoughts on “9:30”

  1. Maybe your neighbor has a mental health condition. Sounds as if your husband is quite familiar with “goat man’s” noises.

    1. it could have been an episode of illness struggles but it seems to be a very large probability it was drug induced. A few days before this strange night another guy was out sitting on their lawn talking very loudly about a substance deal on his phone. Not that I was straining to easedrop. Sound travels.

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