Your friend still, I hope…

Ah so it has been a little while, we’ve both been “out” as such, and soon we will see each other again. I can’t say how happy I am, also how sad, I have determined that despite the excuses or, reasons why not as you would call them, I will be everything I can, do what I can to be right for you.
Of course as you said and I admit, I cannot change everything, but I could and would be what I said, whether you believe I can or not is a bigger thing to convince you but the other things, well one of those plays on my mind now.
I know the break I need to make, but when and how is a thorny issue, though you could imagine that if indeed the issues mean you will never say yes even if you did change your feelings, then why would I bother?
Well I must I feel, can life drag on with being partly happy or not at all?
Well I don’t know what the future holds but I do know I am stagnating doing what I am, what a waste of my life that would be to persist that way.
This year I have some things I have to do. You are part of it, to become someone you love or at least cement a deeper bond between us because I love you I want to be in your life and matter to you.
Career needs that shove which I will ensure it gets.
And the other thing, yeah it has to get at least to the point the subject is brought out if not fully dealt with.
For now, I will settle for seeing you when I do, and be blessed I get to it is the sunshine in my day the moment I lay eyes on you

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