Switching off…again

It’s just another year…

But the same behaviour.

The difference this time Is; I have absolutely no expectations from you.

It makes it easier so much easier to switch off to you and your shitty ‘friendship’

3 thoughts on “Switching off…again”

    1. Yes you are right and I have tried reaching out more this time thinking maybe that’s where I went wrong last time.. but it doesn’t seem to make much difference. Don’t get me wrong we do talk it’s just when I stop reaching out for a while there is no check in from their end sometimes for months. But this person and I are connected so deeply, I can switch off for my own sanity and when we re – connect it will be like nothing has changed … no time no space it’s just us. but I’ve come to expect nothing more, even if I want it. We just go round and round like this it’s just what we do. It probably sounds crazy.

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