My life has been at a standstill for a few years now. I’ve had lots of time to sit back and ponder the ups and downs. The good the bad. When you left me ( ghosted me) the wind in my sails died. I was afloat in the middle of the ocean. No land in sight. I don’t blame you for that I blame myself. I set my sails on a wind I knew wasn’t going to last. I enjoyed the way the wind carried my boat. I understood when the wind decided to stand still. I shouldn’t have put myself in the position for that to happen. I also shouldn’t have tempted the wind to catch my sail. There you were carrying me far into your territory. I’m sure you’ve carried many a heart a float. I’m sure without intension. You are a beauty beyond understanding. I don’t think you you understand it.
The feel of that wind blowing up against my skin and though my hair. I shut my eyes as the intensity grew. Sometimes my breath would be caught without a way of escape until the wind lightened a bit. You are beautiful even too the forbidden. You were right in your reckless abandon. At times I wonder if I will ever find a wind as powerful as you again to catch my sails. To blow across my skin and through my hair. To cool the sun’s heat. To take my breath away at a simple caress. I hope I find that again. Although no wind is ever the same I hope I find one with same intensity and beauty as yours. I’m sure my sails were no different to you than the millions of other ships afloat, but I do hope you found something different in my sails.

To The wind
From The Sailor

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