Wedding at Brittany Hill

My husband and I arrive at the venue about 20 minutes ahead of the ceremony start. We’re greeted by a barrage of hail hammering at the car and preventing us from running inside. It takes a few minutes but when it does clear up the most vibrant rainbow appears hanging over us and the clouds have dissipated to reveal the beautiful blues.
When we enter the venue, my husband gravitated to another co worker he spots and soon that group grows quite large as all of the grooms work buddies find each other. I’ve partied with most of them a handful of times and catch up with the other wives before the ceremony.

The wedding is held outside, overlooking a pristine view of our city and the mountains. Black and white cloth roses line the walkway. It is a very elegant display. Travis and his bride shortly follow with their walk down the aisle. To our surprise much of the talking points of the ceremony are about their recovery as addicts and how the couple found each other in that space and despite warnings about the hazards of addicts in recovery forming those kinds of relationships, they still chose to let love bloom.
We’re then released back inside for delicious snackies while the professional photos are done.
As we’re congregated with the rest of the work friends by the front entrance outside there’s a pair of butterflies getting friendly hopping from person to person, in particular they seem fond of the guy wearing a cowboy hat.
We stick around until after cake at around 9 because the big man has to work it the morning and will get lucky if he can squeeze five hours of sleep in before shift. We do the ballroom goodbye shuffle,making sure we give our friends love and thanks before making the trek home.

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