The kids are all right, most of the time

I spend a pretty large portion of the day out in the yard, keeping a loose eye on my girl child while she plays with the neighbor kids. It’s a slow start to the party with kids mostly just showing each other things on their respective tablets. The guns are still out today but as I was telling the other moms, even though guns weren’t largley present until my paintballing years, I still participated in violent video games like Mortal Kombat and was a passionate WWF fan in my youth. We conclude that kids are psychopaths in general as another mom brought up how her niece would tell her what breed different horses were in Red Dead Redemption before killing them. That mom goes on a coffee run while the youngest kids dance around in the sprinklers for a bit. When she gets back the kids migrate into her house where the more mischievous older boys try to prank the younger kids. We check on them periodically. At one point we hear yelling from outside but it turned out that the were playing FBI.
As its Sam’s favorite game to play I theorize that perhaps his caretaker grandma watches a lot of the csi type shows. I suggest The Ballad of Buster Scruggs as a good western type watch for one of the boys to watch with his ma. It’s a good time time, but after the intermission and I’ve had my social fill we don’t rejoin everyone in the evening. Besides now I have chores to catch up on.

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