The Hope Mutation


Christmas lights dwindle from soft pupils
In a May storm full sky.
Humming birds and glittery trees
Are frozen by songs in refrain.
Days where everything feels beautiful
Are stockpiled for rainy afternoons, not yet lived through but highly anticipated.
Dreams dart and dissipate but somehow feelings linger.


Despite a handshake of Cruel Life
a melancholy gal tap dances her vivacious tune.
Although wishes never came true
And prayers are forever not answered by God or Man,
penny throwers feels slightest wind of change and
Somehow the faintest touch of hope bubbles to surface, once thought as unobtainable dreams.


Life’s risky ballroom floor has changes of partners.
Smiles escape eternity with flickers of an upturned brow somehow sagging by evening.
Everything is off kilter, cold and brazen
But secretly Mad and Lost
Think of spring and of
A single flower budding through harsh, frigid snow of disheveled minds.
Somehow, despite the tempo being altered the feeling of hope resurfaces.

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