I cannot fathom why you’re still on my mind so often. You don’t deserve to be. I used to think that you never intended to act the way you did, that I was just collateral damage. But I’m no longer convinced. You must have known exactly what you did to me. How could you have not? Even now I feel as though you continue to taunt me. Trust me when I say I wish for nothing more than to erase you from my memory. You should have never approached me, and everyday I regret that I responded to your attentions. And here we are so close to the anniversary of the day where you might as well have spat in my face, and I cannot seem to expunge the memory of you out of my brain. If my situation was different, I would have disappeared from your life years ago. Forced myself to forget you until that memory became nothing but a fleeting thought. But our worlds are so damned intertwined, and there is no one I can talk to. I fear looking and sounding delusional. If only they could see your cruelty forever what it is. If only they knew how you treated me. Please. I beg you. For the love of God leave me alone. You’ve already ruined me. Is it not enough? Stop making me miss you. I can’t take it anymore

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