September 2

A friend is visiting me to hang out while we paint. I get a phone call from my husband. He’d been held up late at work and as he turned right exiting his job lot he hits a kid on a bike, dislocating the kids leg. We later hear from the officer that stayed with the teen that the dislocation was the extent of the injury. There will be a court case in a few months that will decide the penalty.

My friend that had been visiting me tells me about how she had been hit by a car while she was on her bike at fifteen and that driver left the scene and her.

Last week I had brought up to my husband the seventeen year old Olympian biker named Magnus who was also killed in a hit and run in nearby Boulder.

Both these instances make me glad that my husband’s character is that of someone who would stay and face the consequences after such a shocking accident. Also relieved it wasn’t worse. The kids going to be alright.

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