I left

I left him a few years ago…. I thought he had moved on. Why is he all of a sudden messaging me like he wants to hook up again? I’m thinking about it. Maybe all we needed was a reset. I’m so confused. He messages me asking if I remember when…. I do. When we first met it was extacy. He was obsessed. After year 10 he still treated me like I was the only one he worshipped. I started building walls about the 12 year mark. He notice. After 3 years of wall building I finally added a door and walked out. I told him I was going to. He acted as if I didn’t mean what I said. 3 years of wall building with a door added and a secret escape ( you) that was added I shut the door and locked it. I spent a few years healing from the chaos I had created deep inside. Is him texting me a sign to reconcile?
He has a girlfriend so why is he messaging me?
Maybe I need to find someone new to explore life with.
I have another guy interested. He is a Dr. We have hung out and for some reason he is smitten. When him and I hung out we had fun but never slept together. He did sneak a kiss when he dropped me off to my car last time we went out. The one problem we did face was everytime we would get up from a table at a restaurant to leave he wouldn’t be able to stand without calming himself down🤣. I would have to leave first and wait in the car for a few minutes. As flattering as that was I just don’t know if he was just sexually attracted to me. I would hope that if I did find someone new to be with that they would be interested in learning the deep things I hold inside chained away from the outside world in a chest made of steel.

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