Idk What to call This

I don’t know what to call this and it may not be grammatically correct. However, loneliness has been at my door for quite some time. I am 31 years old and I thought my life would turn out differently. I thought I would have had the friends, robust relationships, great job, family, marriage and the life I wanted. I got the job part, nothing else seems to have happened. I am not with the person that I wanted to be with and I don’t have any friends. My family is never together and I am with someone that I am no longer in love with. If I were to say that I feel a sense of isolation and depression that would make sense, I guess.

Sometimes or should I say that I long for deep human connection and wonder how long my life will be this way. I may not know or ever will. Makes me think why my life is this way and was this my journey as a spirit living a human life my destiny. What destiny? When my heart is broken into a million pieces.

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