How I do

My place is a safe haven, not just for my family and myself but for those that need it when they need it.

A few of my neighbors have called on me for childcare services, others instances include being present for inspection appointments, furniture moving, on occasion a shoulder to cry on.

Most recently my neighbor went into labor in the middle of the night and had to ask me on the spot to watch their other boy until they could contact family to watch him. I told them it was no trouble, and the kids enjoyed a wholesome array of activities for the evening before his auntie could retrieve him.

Also as a sort of part time gig I watch another neighbors pre teen daughter whenever she needs it. My own daughter really looks up to her. We’ve recently started a ritual of walking to the newly opened boba place together.

Sometimes the moms slip me a few bucks as thanks, sometimes they can’t and that’s okay too. I’m happy to help .

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