Mothers Day

I thank my husband for the flowers as I light up the Divine Kush Breath I picked up from down the street.
They had a spin the wheel game going on this time and the gentleman at the little booth gave the wheel a little extra nudge to prize me out with two free joints instead of whatever the wheel initially landed on.

My husband was working the holiday and my kid happened to be violently ill with some gastro intestinal curse for her weekend, so we already had plans to celebrate next weekend at the museum by checking out their new bug exhibit. For now though, the flowers are nice for helping me power through sanitation duties in the wake of my kids recovery. I haven’t lit up a strain that makes me this giggly in some time, and I’ve really been able to plot out the organization and completion of a few paintings I’ve been stuck on for some time with some fauna and foliage details I hadn’t considered before.

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