At Night (TW: SA)

He probably tells his friends
That loser can’t get over me
Well maybe if you hadn’t been
All over me and inside of me
When I was fast asleep

I wouldn’t be thinking about you
Day and night
And day and night
And night and night and night and night
Because that’s when I’m most vulnerable
At night

I always said my favorite thing
Was going to sleep
Why did you have to ruin my peace
So I’d wake up and see you on top of me
Thrusting and saying “you like that baby?”

How could I like that
I wasn’t conscious
I wasn’t there and I didn’t know
That mumbling nothings while I was asleep
Wasn’t enough of a clear no

For you

And now I am stuck
At night at night
Thinking of you and feeling sick to my gut
For giving you a moment of my thoughts
At night at night at night

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