Thinking about

How some months back I had drawn a picture of a squirrel and a little bird sharing it online , a few days later a dead mama squirrel shows up in my parking space. Shortly after that a dead baby squirrel in short proximity to where the mother had been found. I am the one that finds the bodies, but someone else removes them after I find them. My husband brushes it off as coincidence, but I think about how before we moved into this space and changed cars how I was getting multiple nails in my tires every few weeks. My dad and others would also brush off my misgivings about those instances, but this would occur over the space of years and there would be no one I could turn to for help or security.

The nails have since stopped but this squirrel instance brought a sense of renewed fear.

Perhaps though someone gave the neighbor kid who’s obsessed with nerf guns a bb gun and he decided to practice his shots on the local wildlife. That wouldn’t really be any better but at least it wouldn’t have been directed at me to send a message of some such monsterous intent.

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