Two Lovers, One Flame

A dalliance with Death occurs
While Nostalgia and I have our fling.
We kiss under the lamppost of a life
Shriveling from the light.
No more tears frozen by hummingbirds
And lilacs and glittery green trees.
Here, Death toys with me and Nostalgia
Bites her lip in a sensual way.
They hardly notice at first the light glowing inside
My supple skin.
Sometimes, I forget you
ignited a match in me that can never darken.
At least I tell myself this on days
where Nostaglia undresses me with her eyes
and Death laughs at me and sings “soon kid.”

One thought on “Two Lovers, One Flame”

  1. A beautiful representation of grasping at the beautiful moments as they are fleeting but essential developing a worthwhile conversation with life.

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