Every morning 19 dumb daddys get up to make Krystal Scramblers and think of fresh ways to wreck my life

This has got to stop. I can’t take it any more. You might not believe it but it is true. Each and every morning at the crack of dawn, 19 dumb daddys in my city throw back the covers and make Krystal Scramblers and try to think up fresh new ways to wreck my life.

In case you don’t know – and you probably don’t – a Krystal Scrambler is a hearty bowl stacked high with scrambled eggs, homemade grits, melted American cheese and savory sausage or crispy bacon, making this the perfect on-the-go breakfast. And every single morning including weekends and holidays these 19 moron daddys leap out of bed first thing in the morning and go to the kitchen to get started making them, and while they’re making them they come up with all new ways to make sure I’m screwing up.

They never let me eat the Krystal Scramblers they make, those are not for me. But they are the reason why these daddys have to wake up so early and why they have to get together in the first place. After a few weeks of doing this these 19 stupid daddys quickly realized they needed something to help pass the time so they decided to think up plans to drive me bonkers until I’m ready to hit the ceiling.

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