Narcissist at work

This might seem feeble and pathetic but I do not care – I want it out of my head.

At my new job I encountered the most narcissistic person I have never met – I have never been more let down or shit on in my life. She spent the whole time on her high horse shitting on all the staff below her because we were younger – yet I’ve managed to achieve more than her in my short life.

She moaned about the pay and how she could make more sat on her arse – so I question why did you take the job?

I decided to confront her one day in an informal setting in order to put us at a more even playing field however she had had 5 drinks before I even got there so was drunk alreadt. Anyway I decided to proceed and asked her why she took the role and what her role involved? She became so threatening and defensive from this question and decided to annihilate my personality and how I would never be able to do the job when that wasn’t even my question – it continued for about half an hour when I told her to just leave it and that she was right so I could enjoy myself she continued to make a scene.

After I stopped giving her the attention she wanted she left and then I later found out that she quit the job – honestly am relieved but still feel like I am in the wrong for confronting her but she was making my life hell at work and I just wanted to have a conversation about her job and why she kept letting me down when she was supposed to be my support system.

So a big FUCK YOU to her and I hope I never see her again – and i hope you never get hired by anyone else again so you can’t treat anyone as badly as you treated me.

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