I know B.

The universe brought it all together. Some form of karma.

We spoke in depth about everything. I know everything I always wondered. I was surprised but not too much. She was more surprised. We mutually discovered the timeline of when you knew me and what you were feeding to both of us at various points in time.

Everything was to protect yourself, we realized. And not smart.

We talked for a long time.

You knew we were in the same community, even close circles. You probably knew it could happen. I guess you counted on it staying hidden.

It wasn’t wise. That didn’t work out for you. You should have been honest.

She was upset and I was upset, but we weren’t upset with each other. We had empathy for each other and we both realized it was all on you. When all was said and done, we swore each other to secrecy. We promised each other that you will never directly know what we know. Or even that we know.

She’ll never tell, I’ll never tell. If you ask, we will deny to the end. We promised. We keep our word. This is how we get our power back. And keep it.

You tried to keep your secrets. It didn’t work out for you. Never underestimate the power of women talking to each other.

Tough to watch

Youve been tough to watch for years, but this decline is unbearable. Tell me its a bad photoshop. Tell me you dont really look like this. Please. Cant believe you even THOUGHT that looked good. I know you still dont even know which way is up after the last few years, but this path ends bad.
Keep on breaking my heart. I cant watch anymore. I wont even know when you reach the terminal. But ill never stop sending angels your way. Ill never stop believing in your potential to light the world. This aint it.