I always wanted to try

Going on a magic mushroom journey around my hometown stomping grounds and today got to be that day.

After enjoying a morning of family festivities for the holiday, my husband and I left the kid to do some baking with her grandma’s while we went for a hike out of town.
The hike actually turned out to be a number of stops from the Kokapelli petroglyphs on down to white bird, cow canyon where we saw a large group of deer, and then finally the State Bridge site where we were able to wonder around a bit more. I let my husband have a greater portion so I could guide things if I needed too.

The communion with nature was intense, we hiked up a Ridge overlooking a pasture of grazing cows and took on the mesas for a bit . It was a perfect spring day with all the wild buds peeking out of the baked earth , and nice breeze.
I caught site of some encroaching rainclouds though and thought it might be best for us to get closer to the truck in case of a downpour. What ended up happening though was much more satisfying, once we got to the truck and it hadnt started raining yet we explored a little cave area through a gulch and then settled into a little alcove to watch a show in the clouds. They were smoke like in their darkness and wisp, but they just seemed to hover in place overhead in weaving patterns that shifted like ocean waves. If I stared hard enough it appeared there was a kaleidoscope like grid manifesting itself in grey tones in a private scene if wonder.

As it got later I needed to get us back to town to take my grandma to work but my husband would say it was the perfect reset the mind day , and I gave myself a little pat on the back for guiding a safe and enjoyable experience where we were still able to come back and rejoin my family for food and egg dying activities, sharing the tale of the day with my brother and having some genuinely good laughs with everyone.

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