Convergence Station

My girl Meg invited me and the family out to a luscious night at the recently established Meow Wolf Convergence Station with a few other friends.
The building is a massive permanent art installation walk through story meant to display a clash of interstellar worlds melded together in a variety of winding rooms and portals between themes. If ever you wanted to experience what a mushroom trip was like without ingesting the substance, this was the place.

My child took a little coaxing to initially brave the wilds of alien creatures and bizarre landscapes ranging from forest top overlooks to inner city streets lined with interdimensial shops displaying the most curious of wares and interactive delights but after acclimating to the sensory overload is decidedly eager to go back one day. My husband also enjoyed the exploration as we’d diverge and reconvene with the groups , leaving picture clues as to which wormhole we got swept into as we weaved our way through a very busy night with other tourists. Next time we’ll find tickets in the morning during the middle of the week to have a chance to better examine the space and maybe even participate in the universe saving scavenger hunt.

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