Cycle braker

Like everyone else I’m not proud of alot of things I’ve done and have my fair share of flaws, faults, sins and demons

But I am proud of one thing, I am cycle braker not just in the sense of I got away but in the fact that a child I repeat a child who experienced and put up with deragration, prejection, “physical disapline” and reminders of how much of a pice of shit I was in the eyes of my father and we are talking from 6 years old from what I remember. Still checks himself as a 35 yearold grown man. To Not be a product of his environment that he experienced first hand. Actually stops to think of the emotional and psychological healthy way to deal with the everyday problems that everyone faces.

When I was younger did I speak to my own mother , sister and ex girlfriends in a similar way I will admit yes but I regret all of that and I now check myself before I speak….or ever will speak to them again. In that matter.

Like I said before everyone has their demons and their deepest darkest fears Mine is obviously clear. This is why I honestly thank God that I’m just an alcoholic degenerate. Who just needs to check him self in the ways of speech because I can be a hell of alot worse.

Oh that pice of shit is now a 66 year old lonely old man who Wonders why his own family his own blood doesn’t want to have anything to do with him. Fuck him he got his karma and I’m leaving him to the big man upstairs.

I am a Cycle Braker in all aspects the word and that is my healing and my therapy and as I said before I am proud of who I am.

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