To the lake

Is a Russian zombie series we just finished watching, and while some of it is stereotypical soap opera tropes there’s also some very interesting real time commentary alluding to a China’s influence and potential attempt at hostile infiltration. The show came out in 2019, in the early stages of the pandemic and what commentary begins as a few small comments about intentional causation on China’s part develops into something even more menacing during the stories development, but alas with us all caught up on the released seasons I’ll have to wait and see how they continue that conversation further. As a country closer to the source I am curious about their perspective during this time period, while also maintaining awareness that what is reflected in the show is just one facet in the greater scope of global conversation.

Saying this I also feel it is important to say I’m not particularly biased on any one country, there’s manipulative and cruel people anywhere you go but perhaps I feel the conversation itself at least yields to an understanding of the puzzle that is current events.

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