In threes

Just found out the THIRD girl I liked in my life who told me she was a lesbian has been dating a male athlete for years. Not as bad as the first one dating several of my male friends within like a month after saying that or the second flirting with male friends right in front of me.

What’s so wrong with me? I can’t even cry anymore. I hate myself so much.

One thought on “In threes”

  1. So 3 people out of billions, didn’t want to bang you? Get over yourself. Newsflash – not everyone is going to like you, some will hate you. It doesn’t mean anything – it just means they aren’t your type of person. Focus on living your best life and stop caring about whether your P**is is getting dipped. Because let’s face it – that’s the only reason that you care that these girls didn’t fall for you. Otherwise, if it was emotional support or friendship – anyone can give that to you. Even your mum can be a great emotional support – so all your angst boils down to the phallus hanging off your lower abdomen and how 3 out billions of women, don’t want that dangling thing in them. If it’s friendship – talk to your friends. But be honest – it’s sex you want not friendship and that’s messed up.

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