Should I ask him?

I need some advice. I told a few of my close friends that I was moving to Portland in a few months. One of them is my ex-boyfriend. Most of them were very happy for me. My ex-boyfriend didn’t have anything to say but he looked very upset about it. We have had a very complicated relationship since we broke up. He currently has a girlfriend. I still have feelings for him and feel like if I don’t ask him about his reaction I will regret it. Should I ask him about it?

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  1. His reaction is really none of your business. You are looking for something to validate that you hold meaning in his life. Let it go. Complicated is code for ”really shit at communicating and a toxic pairing”. He has a girlfriend. He is literally sticking his p into someone else – so have some pride, hold your head high and move away and don’t look back. Get your life going and make it better than it ever could have been with this ”complication” you call your ex. Make your life a thing of beauty. I’m sure there are complicated dudes who don ‘t know how to communicate in Portland as well – who will also run to the nearest chick when things don’t go well between you. PRIDE – get it and keep it. Become independent and powerful. Good luck.
    PS I met an old boyfriend after 25 years and me walking away and never looking back had a bigger impact than someone who continually wanted to ”talk about feelings” after they were broken up- so he said. I also didn’t care then.

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