relationship post mortem – Jason

Manipulators will make you think you’re crazy when you point out their game.
1.YOU set the expectation that you might see me sometime tonight.
I did not ask when I would see you next, you volunteered that.
2. 10 hours later(9:15pm) after no texts from you at all, I texted asking if you’d gotten caught up and if you weren’t coming over to just let me know.. “im gonna try to start cleaning up the apartment tonight if nothing else” I followed it up immediately “im guessing u got busy.. its cool just let me know” because I didnt want you to feel pressured to come by and yes, honestly I had other things to do and it would have been ok.. i just wanted the courtesy of knowing to either way.
3. it is now 10:15 and Im typing this as a “relationship post mortum”…
4. got a text back from you…
It doesnt matter what your text says now though…

I dont want a relationship with someone who thinks “little white lies” are ok.(You admitted a week ago you dont think white lies are bad)
I dont want a relationship with someone who openly admits they dont think about me at all unless they are actually in my presence.(You admitted a week ago you dont)
I dont want a relationship with someone who can’t understand why all of that combined with this type of manipulation is just wayyy too many red flags to over look.
You were setting me up for disappointment. you were setting me up to be upset over said disappointment and you KNOW me, I will stand up for myself when you were being thoughtless and rude so that you could then take the stance of being the injured party because I “lashed out”… I don’t lash out.. i speak the truth and if my pointing out your game playing BS makes you look like the “bad guy” then maybe you should be re-evaluating how you treat people. I certainly have re-evaluated your presence in my life and you’re fired.

I know you’ll bitch that you were visiting with your child.. because thats when most NON-custodial parents visit their kids is saturday nights after 9pm … that im xyz.. that im lmnop.. ect.. ect..
I know you’ll let yourself off the hook and take NO responsibility for being an inconsiderate ass and I give my condolences to the next woman you string along with games while pretending to really want a relationship.
We’ve played this scene before.. I remember it.. its what you always do.
I’m ready for an actual love story now and it may turn out to be a story in which the heroine falls in love with herself and her truth.. then I’m ok with that too.. Sometimes I do hate how hollywood makes women think if they make a life for themselves and are happy with it, that the man of their dreams will find them…
Some of you men will make a woman thankful just to be completely alone and cherish her freedom from dumb shit

So why did I not fire you last week when you opened your mouth and were actually honest with me for the 1st time since I’ve known you? I didnt want you to feel punished for the only time you were ever honest with me.. and I didnt speak to you either. but I let you know I needed time alone.. and now here we are.. you believing you still have me fooled.. thinking im still willing to dance to this sick tune you play.. not anymore.
I just needed to watch it happen again, to verify .. I love how i “test theories”.. how I allow people to show me exactly who they are..its like setting up a nanny cam after the kids tell you that they didnt eat all the cookies but have crumbs all over their faces… I just wanted to watch it for myself.. not because I didnt know better. It was just my way of hearing you say goodbye in the nicest way you would ever be capable of..

Stranger of mine

There is nothing left to be be said except the damage has been done on both sides. I can forgive not not forget. No matter how I slice it you did betray me and I consistency stabbed you in the front with the same knife you put in my back. I know you’re sorry and I am too but outside of being civil adults I want nothing more to do with you. Don’t worry about me I’m doing fine. Take care of yourself stranger of mine