I understand now that I had no grasp on how bad your alcoholism was

and that you wanted ‘alone time’ so I couldn’t keep tabs on you,

and I became so unattractive to you because I always knew the truth

and you couldn’t handle it.

I know you better than anyone. better than the owners of the restaurant we work at, better than Lxx. better than your high school friends. better than Rxxxxxx or Sxxx or any other girl you cheated on me with. Better than your own family.

At least this version of you.

And you couldn’t fucking stand that I was always on point. I was so in tune with you I always knew when something was up.

You couldn’t communicate with me because you were always having this internal battle with yourself.

you lied to me for a very long time.

I understand now that alcohol took away all the best parts of you. Everything I loved about you. turned you into someone I don’t recognize.

a part of me wishes you told me the truth. trusted me enough to try to talk to me and work on it with me. I would have done anything for you. I thought even in our darkest times we were together forever.

But you made a different decision, I felt you slip away from me in my sleep. You tapped out. you saw me as something else.

I had the best part of you for a year, I can’t be mad at that.

I mourn the loss of the future we could have had.

The sweet taste of the celebration once you figured out your shit and reached sobriety.

But you never really wanted that. You still don’t know what you want.

You treated me horribly (not to say I was an angel, I take full responsibility for my shortcomings). A large part of it was due to the alcohol, but it was also you. A lot of it was just you.

You had it all baby, we had it all. I loved you to bits. I would have done anything for you.

In return, you burned this to the ground.

I wish you all the best. I am always sending you good vibes. I hate this version of you, and I doubt we will ever reconcile as long as you are still under the spell of that bottle.

This is goodbye.

p.s. also, for the record, I never cheated on you. You came up with that narrative to redeem yourself of your guilt and justify your actions.

Eventually, you ruined the concept of a night out together. The idea cocktails at civil and GS stopped feeling so frivolous and romantic. I went out with friends, most of the time Misha, and cried in public at the bar down the street from our house about how I was losing you. How this was all going downhill, how I could feel in my bones you didn’t love me anymore while they told me it couldn’t possibly be true.

So while you sat at home and drank yourself to sleep on those late nights, know I was medicating in the same way. I felt this coming for a long time, I was just stupid enough to think you loved me too much to let this actually happen.

I know better now. I will never let that happen again.

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