Vagabond heart

It wasn’t easy giving into my feelings, I admit I fought hard with every fibre and sinew to resist the lure of your words and the allure of your charms. I fell, I fell hard because I knew I had fallen in love with you. I knew I wanted you, all of you. The perfections, the flaws I wanted it all. My dreams and longings were filled with together, forever; I fell deep into the happy ever after story. That’s why it hurt so much when after all we had been through you suddenly gave up. You found new ways to destroy all we had and you wielded them like a warrior wields his weapons, I became the victim of trust. The trust that allowed me to place my heart in your hands but you refused to see, to even care about all you were throwing away. I wish the world could see you now for who you are and the way you made me feel, me who shared just about everything with you in this one sided love affair. I wasted my time I guess they would say, strange though it doesn’t seem that way to me because I’ve seen the inside of your heart and there is still a part of me that will always yearn for what we shared.

I see only a shadow of who I once was. I see no reflection in the mirror; I can’t speak the words that betray my pain. Each day feels like an endless highway as I walk its crooked trail. Where are you when the sun goes down? Where are you when blue skies turn to autumn gray. Seems like only yesterday we were laughing like a couple of kids but just look how soon you changed.

Nothing stands still and so now I find myself with no fight left in me, it hurts still; yet I accept you are gone. The broken in me finally understands that your words were just a means. I filled some invisible void and now you no longer need me I am relegated to just someone you once knew. Time will force us further apart and on the final crossroads we will depart and never meet again. Still every once in a while my soul feels restless and my thoughts turn towards you. In solitude I spend the time missing you, remembering you, dreaming of you.


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