Another sleepless night

I spend my days carefully planning when to reach out to you next, wondering how to keep our flame slowly burning until I can finally see you again. I hope you haven’t found someone else.

I spend my nights dreaming of our reunion and wondering what lies ahead. I can’t sleep thinking about you and how it will feel to see you, touch you, hear you again. For me, there is no one else.

5 thoughts on “Another sleepless night”

  1. Without you, the sun will disappear, the bird song will never sound the same. Music loses its meaning, the sun is without its light. Without you there are sleepless nights wading through a river of tears. I’ll beg the world for a little bit of affection but love has no meaning …. Without you, my only one for whom will I live, for whom will I die.

    When I stepped into your life I closed all roads and all doors of that would return me to the past … now besides you, there is only death.


  2. I come here every day. To see if the one has checked in no confirmative as of yet…. zzz sleep well. I live in hope.

    1. If you want so badly to reach out, you should life is too short. What good is a dream if you do not go after it?

        1. C

          Real life is a sh!t storm where feelings are twisted into unfathomable shapes because the truth of love scares some people.


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