I choose this world despite unearthly sentiments

Yesterday’s insatiable longing to have a break from reality
To feel the hums not as they are but as somewhat desired
And to mingle imagination into the peripheral without merit
Are suddenly diffused
By the long arching sunlight nestled on the window pane
By the curbing of the stomach from hunger
By the relentless diction articulated by an unwavering sister.
Angels were not born to the heavens
But stood in place as I was contemplating madness
Instead of breathing humbly on this forsaken planet.
But the birds sound different when the voices are hushed
They are little apostles singing soothingly
about peace, guiding me onward.


I want to apologize about before I was angry and confused about the situation. Furthermore I was going through things in life that was making me questions what I wanted, how I could be happy, and what was the best course of action for all of that. It was wrong of me to give you partial blame on things that weren’t your fault and for that I am sorry.

Unfortunately I have to stand my ground on my decision to walk away from everything. So i can find what it is I’m looking for and with all do respect I now see and reconize that it isn’t you and after everything I just can’t have you in my life until I obtain that.

You did what you did because you had to be happy. Please don’t hate me for walking away from you in all aspects for the same reason.
Old man