Could we start over?

I’ve really wanted to reach out over the last month. I’ve missed you and your smile like hell.

I’ve missed your company. You’re something special and I was always so happy when I was around you. I was happiest when we were just hanging out, even if you were always late.

But it’s been a while now. I know I could blame myself, but it takes two.

Would you meet me half way?

I’d love to talk to you and catch up on things. I just want to know you are ok.

So I guess what I really want to know is; can I call you? Can I text you? Would you even answer?

Maybe when this pandemic is over we could grab a drink and start over. Maybe we could be better to each other this time.

3 thoughts on “Could we start over?”

  1. Time, casting a painful spell,
    Transforms all our yesterdays into memories.
    I can’t and I won’t resist the longing sounds in the wind.
    The echo of the voice, somewhere in the distance.
    A sound so strong that calls my name.
    It’s wild like the river, it’s warm like the sun.
    Here I am, wild and free,
    With all strength of the forest within.
    Here I am with hope and faith.
    Yes, it’s here; this is where I belong.

    I have so much to say to you today
    Will you please listen to what I have to say?
    Do you have the time?
    Will you care enough to hear?
    Everything that you’ve been waiting for,
    Will spread before you like the sky adorning the heavens.
    I will show you everything you wanted right here.
    Will you care enough to hear?

    Siempre te amaré

  2. This resonates with me.. but its highly unlikely it is..
    And yes you can call/text.. and yes I will answer.

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